Top 6 Beautiful Places in Havana for Your Honeymoon?

For people who wish to have the most fantastic time on their honeymoon and have the perfect getaway, then Havana, Cuba is the spot you should be traveling to without any doubt! The biggest island is easily accessible, and the artistic grasp leaves everyone stunned. You will find rich structure, exciting corners, and crystal clear beaches. Make your reservations with Southwest Airlines official Site  and fly to Havana with your lover!

Romantic things to do in Havana with your lover:

  • Malecon stroll with your lover’s hand in yours, enjoy the sunset and have a romantic Cuban dinner and eat amazing desserts at small corners of the street.

  • Party and relax by having delicious margaritas and cocktails served at the Hemmingway’s Old Haunt and the Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, as they are known to be amongst Cuba’s most celebrated restaurants

  • Get a chance to educate yourself with your partner, and it gets more exciting when you take a tour around the cigar factories. Partagas and others.

  • If you and your partner love to understand the culture and history of a place, then head to the old town, UNESCO world heritage site, where you will find moments worth capturing.

  • After a long exhausting day of traveling and learning, you would love to spend some time at the beautiful Havana beach Playas Des Este, as it definitely will take away all your pain and exhaustion.

What are the places can you visit?

The Malecón

You can come here around evening when the sun is setting as it is said that the buildings during golden hour are worth seeing. El Malecon is a beautiful place to understand the artistic expression of this place. You will find boulevard which has preserved residential areas which date back to the 20th century.

Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro

Castillo de Los Tres Reyes del Morro, El Morro is the entrance to Havana. It was built around the 16th-17th century to safeguard the island from pirates and it still has the original structure. The original lamp still shines and people love to enjoy the beautiful ocean and the lights from Havana. 

Gran Teatro de La Habana

You and your loved one will be surprised to find the grand opera house that is located here in Havana, designed by Belgian architect has a certain art appeal to the visitors. People love to enjoy artists who perform here. Try to get yourself and your partner some seats while you're visiting this place as it cannot be missed.

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If you love art and your honeymoon will be incomplete if you don't experience authentic culture, this Fusterlandia is a must-visit. It has been carefully painted by the famous artist Jose who was also known as Picasso of this neighbourhood. He has decorated this village with vibrant colors and sculptures, which amuses every tourist.

Museo Napoleonico

The Museo Napoleonico in Havana is a place where all the memorials and collectibles are carefully kept. People love to visit this beautiful building which is now government-owned earlier owned by Lobo. On display there are various belongings of Napoleon even his teeth are kept safely.

Plaza de la Revolución (José Martí Memorial)

People love to visit this Plaza as it holds a historical significance, people love to browse museums and take a lift up to view the whole city. Its breathtaking view cannot be missed and also has places to eat in the Plaza which serve the best local cuisines.

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